Portable Base  $60

Desk Base         $60

Technology is empowering, and using it should be comfortable.

The LV Tablet Stand enables comfortable viewing at the height, angle, and distance that works for you.

Adjusts to fit all phones and large tablets, including most cases. Examples include the iPad Pro 12.9” with an Otterbox Defender case, Samsung S7+ & Tough Armor case, or Surface Go.
(See Product Details for more sizing information.)

Perfect for video calls, enlarged reading, telehealth sessions, up-close viewing, document scanning, and more.

PORTABLE BASE is lightweight, compact, and provides unobstructed hand accessibility in the front and back of the LV Tablet Stand. If you need to transport the stand in a backpack and/or have limited desk space, this base is best option.

DESK BASE is a wider platform in the front and back which offers extra stability, especially for large and heavy tablets.  If you frequently use large devices and/or type directly on the tablet, this base is the best option.


Tilt Range:                   180 degrees
Weight:                        14 oz
Max Height                 ~ 17”
Folded Height:            11.5”
Portable Base Size:    9″ (L) x 4.25″ (W)
Desk Base Size:           9″ (L) x 9″ (W)

Holds cases up to ¾” thick – Otterbox, Smart Cover, Folio, MoKo, TurtleSkin, Tough Armor.

Fits standard size devices up to 9.5” in the inserted direction:

  • Phones – any size
  • Tablets –iPad Pro 12.9” with/without a case, Samsung S7+, Surface Pro, Book and Go, plus any smaller sized tablet. 

Blue Vista Creations strives to make products as environmentally friendly as possible. We 3D print our products for this reason. Stands are made from PETG, a recyclable plastic that emits nearly 0 VOCs during production. Parts are printed as needed, not in huge batches, so material is never wasted. Stands are manufactured and assembled in Vermont, USA.